Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Michelle Obama's Inaugural gown....

I don't know about anyone else but I am more excited about seeing what First Lady Michelle is gonna step out in on Jan. 20th than anything else. I kow she's gonna be stunning and I can't wait. Many high-fashion designers are breaking their necks trying to be "the one" chosen to doll Mrs.Obama up for the historical day. I say forget all of em and let Michelle pick her own outfit from head to toe without any help from anyone....except me :-) My imagination is running wild and here are a few looks that I think she could work the hell out of:

1st and foremost, I want her to stay far far away from metallics. Gold, silver and bronze have been played out over the past few years and I don't wish to see any more sequined shimmery dresses (think anything Beyonce wears on the red carpet. Love you Bey!) So just say no to gold, Mrs. Obama. Thanks.

But now purple...

Yessss. The color looks amazing on her and it has become one of her signature shades. The fabric would radiate under all the camera lights and with a really classy up do, like this one... and a single strand tear drop diamond necklace with matching earrings, she would be gorgeous.

BUT, since she has done purple a few times, maybe she'll want to change it up a little.

Now maybe it's just me, but i'd love to see her in a pink evening gown. Really light pastel pink such as the one above could be a unique choice. Throw these shoes in for good measure...(i love these damn shoes!!!)

OR something a little more glam like this Roberto Cavalli below...
The color would look beautiful against her brown sugar skin and the train is princessy without being too over the top.

Even though she loves her colors I'm thinking Michelle might throw us for a loop and opt for basic black. If she does go black though, I want her to go as UN basic as possible.
America is not ready for the sheer illusion halter neck:-) Michelle could pull it off though with lots of class (and with either pair of these heels).

Or she may choose something relatively simple and elegant


The burgundy/reddish tone is very classic and regal. Michelle's figure would be vicious in that second mermaid style burgundy dress (those hips!) and she has a very graceful neck that would be accentuated by the off the shoulder cut. I'm not fond of gold jewelry but red gowns call for multiple thin gold bangles and a detailed gold necklace. Thin strand pearls would work too.

Although blue is not my first pick in evening gown wear, I wouldn't be mad at something royal and icy like this...

Very feminine and flowy. Love it. And you know Barack has about 50 blue ties to match. This color calls for ice so Ms. Michelle could feel free to bling it out with sexy diamonds.

After the actual inauguration, i'm sure she'll change outfits and if she wants to try something shorter and flirty, a few of these party dresses match her sophisticated but hip style:

OKAY! So my pipe dream of dressing First Lady Obama may not ever come true but i'm sure she is on top of things and will blow every other First Lady so far out of the water they'll be like Jackie who???


  1. Well, I don't really care wut she wears. They could go naked 4 al I care, as long as they make it into the White House!

  2. Lol. Hmmm. Something tells me that wouldnt go over so well and impeachment might be high up on the agenda if Barack steps up to the podium with his jewels hangin low.


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