Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My 3 Cents on 1st Lady Michelle's Dress

The magical day/night is over, but the sheen of it all is still very much felt in the air. After the inauguration of President Barack Obama, things just feel different. Yesterday's events were mesemrizing and I made it clear that one of my main points of interest was what Mrs. Obama was going to wear to the 100's of balls that her and President Obama had to attend. My "suggestions" ranged from something black and racy to regal and elegant in royal purple. I did mention that Mrs. Michelle loves her vivid colors (as seen in her flashy gold coat and dress set she wore at the swearing in) but that she might choose to go neutral for her ball gown. And she did.

I will admit to not loving the dress when I first caught a glimpse of it on Yahoo homepage. It wasn't exactly what I had in mind, and white would have been one of my last choices in color. BUT when I got home and actually watched her and Barack in each other's arms at the Youth Ball, she did look stunning. I loved the flowy skirt of the dress and the crystal jewel accents sparkled like crazy, creating an angelic effect that was perfect for the occasion. A little disappointed that she didn't wear her hair swept up, but all in all, our First Lady was well put together as usual.

And let's not forget Dr. Jill Biden

So much talk swirls around about Michelle's fashions (rightfully so) but, i'm feelin Dr. Biden as the lady in red. And I just really really like her. Very down to earth yet she obviously has her ish together (hello she is DOCTOR Biden), and the fact that she's so dedicated and coommitted to still teaching...she's just really cool.

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