Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The painful self-imposed demise of Lil Kim

***After I make this quick intro, very little verbage will be used cuz there just aren't enough words to properly describe such a tragedy***

I use to love Lil Kim. She was raw, and hardcore, and nasty and a beast on the mic. She repped hard for NY and for the ladies and I just thought she was fly. I wish she would step back into her right mind and come back to the world because we so desperately need a fierce lady emcee. But i'm afraid too much damage has been done physically and mentally to Ms. Kimberley Denise Jones.
Shall we proceed? Yes indeed...

Classic Kim. The infamous poster all the little black boys (and the grown men) wacked off to back in 1995.

Cute & happy. *sigh*

Freaky as all hell but she was cute though.

A little experimental there but it works.

Mmm hmm. Here come the blonde lace fronts.

Despite the wig, the boob job and the heavy photoshop, she's still cute.

Queen Bee has stung the lips.

The train slowly starts rolling.

And it's picking up speed.

Full speed ahead.

The brick wall is in sight.

And the trainwreck has occrred.

Why? Why Kim? Do you have an answer for yourself when you look into anything that reflects back at you? Why tamper with something that wasn't broke in the first place? Well, you were broke but it seems as if that's when you had the most sense!!! **shakin my head and logging out**


  1. Lol...Well, I really don't kno wut 2 say. I hope she can at least revive her vocal career, but that face...whew! That's all I have 2 say about that

  2. I think she has that disorder that makes people continue to get plastic surgery. She is a hot mess personified. I can barely look at her anymore.

  3. ROTFLMFAOOOO! OMG! I knew she looked bad but that little chronological picture show took the cake. I fell to the floor when I saw the picture under the headline 'Queen Bee has stung the lips.' Looks like she took some pro-styl gel lessons from Kayla in that pic. She looks like Michael Jackson's twin now. so sad...

  4. That second to last pic is beyond scary. How dare she give kids nightmares like that. Hollywood just makes people crazy sometimes. *shakes head sadly*

  5. Ha haaaa! Hot mess personified is right.


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