Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This crap is why I don't watch much TV.

For me, the television is one of those things I can really take or leave. With the exception of the L Word, new music videos and an occasional reality show, nothing on TV is worth the effort it takes to even press the power button on the remote. And it for damn sure isn't worth the amount of $$$ dished out to Comcast every month. But I understand that it is a source of entertainment for times when nothing else can be found to do. (Try reading a book)

Last night I watched two shows, one that i've been increasingly disappointed in as the years go by (because it started to royally suck) and the other is a fairly new guilty pleasure that I for some random reason gained interest in. Both shows reached new levels of wackness last night and this is why I don't care to watch too much TV.

The Bad Girls Club is my new fascination. A bunch of so-called badasses from different walks of life are thrown into a house together, hilarity and drama ensues. The show is quite funny at times and all of the girls do need some form of counseling for their neurosis. But being mentally off and an emotional mess does not make you a Bad Girl. It makes you a nut job. After watching the first few shows of this season, I now have a desire to move in to the Bad Girl house and see just how big and "bad" they truly are cuz after last night...i'm thinkin they all like to write checks that their punk asses can't cash. And please don't get me started on Ms. Ghetto Mud Duck herself, Kayla or KC or whatever her name is. She sucks so bad it hurts. I googled her ass and couldnt even find a picture she's so damn lame. For all the shit she talks:

"I'm from Compton bitch and you not!"


"It's not about bein hard bitch, this is just me!"


"Now you talkin all that shit cuz you know it's gonna piss me off and make me wanna come back there and slap you!"

All the poppin off at the mouth, all the bottles broken and bony limbs tossed around while twistin her long scrawny neck and tossin her gelled down finger wave weave, all the black girls at the club she threatened to scrap with....ALLLLLL THAT DRAMA....

and she chose to get into a fight with her blonde white girl room mate named Amber.

lmfaoooo. So lame. So much for bein a bad bitch from Compton who will cut a hoe at the drop of a dime. She conveniently got too drunk and kicked out of every club before having to engage in any hard core fighting with any around the way chicks who she knew would beat that ass. But she managed to land herself a patty cake fight with Amber who was more gully about it than Kayla herself!!! WAAACK. Whew lord she is so wack. I can't even type about her anymore. I'm glad she dismissed herself from the show. GOOD RIDDANCE and proceed to the nearest hair salon and wash that pro-style gel out of your damn head.

On to the next show.

American Idol is not new. It's rather old and quickly falling off of the relevancy map. I tune in every season just to see if maybe JUST maybe the judges and America will get their heads out of their asses and vote for someone with that deep-rooted, God Given soulful talent. So far it's only happened one & a half times- Fantasia and i'll give Kelly Clarkson half a mention cuz the girl does have some pipes on her.

True to form, season 9 started off with the usual comical auditions, some fairly good and others a hot funky mess. The contestants who know they sound like death and destruction kill me every single time. I just dont understand. These people must have no friends or family who love them because if they did, they wouldn't dare have the encouragement to step up to a live mic. But hey. It's entertainment for me!

The horrid auditions weren't the wack part though. The lamest moment happened when the new judge Karla, Kara, Kerry whatever got into a sing off with the skinny chick in the bikini who attempted to sing a Mariah Carey song. (already a strike one) Now the contestant wasn't horrible but she wasn't a powerhouse vocalist either so the new judge Kaya decided she didn't understand what the hype was all about and tried to upstage her by singing her own version of the song that skinny bikini girl tried to do. A trainwreck of screeching and never ending throat runs ensued and I almost muted my tv. Now the new judge Kandace actually does have a decent voice on her and she probably can sing circles around skinny bikini chick but come on now. Don't step outta pocket and reduce yourself to the level of contestant when you are being paid the big bucks to be a judge! And then she had the nerve to call skinny bikini chick a bitch. Completely classless and tacky. So yeah, that was wack. And as of yet, no vocalist has caught my attention with the minor exception of the mexican/white/italian whatever she is 16 yr old girl who sounds like Nora Jones. She sang the Corinne Bailey Rae song, Put Your Records On, and has a very unique tone about her. Everyone else sucked donkey balls.

I wont be watching tv tonight. And this is why.

BUT ON A HAPPIER NOTE! I might be a little late because i've been told that this video is old, but I just saw Keri Hilson's video for Turnin Me On and that shit is hot. I liked the song from jump and added it to my ipod, but the video took it to a whole nother level with her dancing and Weezy's swag. Ms. Hilson upped her sexy a few notches with that one. Good job! Now if only she could do away with that atrocious Beatles inspired quick weave....


  1. Yeah, Kayla is a trip. I wish I could've went wit her when she had to go back 2 Compton 2 see wut she really went home 2.

    And as for American Idol, well, they've already pissed me off by addin that new judge. I swear, if she tries 2 upstage one more person on the show, I'm turnin...automatically.

    And, Keri Hilson? Well, I'll leave her alone. I'll just say that, I much more preferred her behind the scenes writing hits for other people.

  2. I thought I was the only one who wasn't feelin Keri's hair. I need to see that video though. Even though her voice isnt as tight as I would like, I like her style and her videos have me hoping that she will finally drop her album.

    I loved the Bad Girls Club last season Tanisha's crazy ass was my girl. I need to catch this season online or something because I haven't been watching tv as of late.

    American Idol lost my support two season after Fantastia won. I can't do it. lol

  3. lmfao!!! that comment about keri hilson's weave was priceless! the whole cast of the bad girls club sucks with the exception of tiffany. i don't know who was more irritating, kayla, the ambers, or ailea. and what about whitney always saying "that's how we do it in boston?" I miss Tanisha 'poppin off' all the time! and yes Kara's actions on American Idol were very unprofessional. she was just jealous because the other chick was in a bikini.

  4. wait a minute...i'm watching that episode of bad girls club again...amber just said some racist ass shit. just when they're going to a black club she says "i love going to the club with all my roommates so we can get in a street fight and get shot and die." WTF!!!


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