Thursday, January 8, 2009

I want my kidney back bitch!!!

Starting the day off rather amusingly, I came across a yahoo video about a man who is divorcing his wife. That's not the amusing part. What tickled me is the fact that he gave his wife one of his kidneys a few years back when she was sick and they were still in love. Now they hate each other and he wants her to give him his kidney back as a part of the divorce settlement!!! Ahaaaa haaaaa! Okay. Sorry. But how can you be an Indian giver of a kidney? That is just some f*cked up mess, seriously. How rude can he possibly be? Ask for the cars, the house, the dogs, leave her dirt ass broke if you absolutely have to. But to demand your kidney back??? Wow. That's deep. She must have done something seriously sick and twisted for him to want back what she obviously needs to keep her alive. Whew. I hope to never piss off the person i might need an organ from. Word to any future donors: Once it's in ME, it's MINE for life so you might as well forget about it.


  1. I heard a snippet of this on NPR radio. He is willing to take a million dollars (or was it half a million dollars, instead.)
    I'm with you. After all possession is 9/10ths of the law. Whatever that means... but I'm pretty sure it applies here.

  2. I saw this headline on yahoo and saw the story on Inside Edition. I feel bad for the guy because he donated to his wife and she turned around and stabbed him in the back. Although, he won't get his kidney back. It's illegal to sell your organs! LOL

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