Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year resolution anyone???

This one is gonna be clear cut and simple. I am not a resolution type of girl. I wont lie to myself and ban my tastebuds from chocolate while swearing to lose 40 pounds this year. I don't promise not to swear because I love to curse so I figure I might as well let that shit go. I don't promise not to ever lie cuz who in the hell am I or anyone else kidding? I don't promise to be a perfect friend, a perfect girlfriend or a perfect daughter cuz it hasn't happened in 25 yrs, so what makes 2009 any different? It's not, so I won't.

But I will break ground this year and accept the personal responsibility of committing to a REVOLUTION. The definition of a revolution is a marking of an overall change across the board that can not be overturned. In other words, once something revolutionary has happened, there's no going back. That trumps the flip floppy resolution any day.

2008 brought forth many a change in me that I am quite proud of. 2009 will take me to even higher plateaus of personal gratification and motivation. I wont box myself in by pin pointing precisely what i must accomplish or i'll be a loser. But I will say that the woman I am right now at this very second will be even greater, even stronger, even happier, and even more accomplished by the end of the year. So whatever the changes are that I feel need to be made, I commit to figuring them out and slowly but surely making them. So to all of you depending on resolutions to get you through, try easing up on the B.S for one year and make a promise to be REVOLUTIONARY. It's well worth it.

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