Friday, January 30, 2009

The art of shutting yourself up

Okay so this is beyond random. But it's one of those days. Quick question, how can a person get better at shutting themselves up? Is it even possible? I have one of those personalities that's not easily controlled, not easily silenced and easy to overflow at the mouth, if u get my drift. Is it possible to morph into a woman of few words when it counts the most? I think it's a valuable tool to have and unfortunately, that tool completely missed my box set cuz I dont have it anywhere in sight.



  1. So funny! I, too, am a woman that cannot seem to keep her mouth shut! I have tried for many years to keep a lid on it, but no. It's usually because I'm trying to be funny at inappropriate times. I just don't think we're that person.

  2. I just tell people I have ADD afterwards and I'm usually forgiven...

  3. I think with a little mindfulness we all possess the possiblity for change.

  4. I know how to shut up...except when it comes to my relationships with men. I tried it once, but I was so unhappy because I was trying to learn how to be quiet some times, that I eventually ended it because I felt smothered. And it wasn't even his fault lol

  5. Well, being a woman and being unable to keep ones mouth shut are both one in the same. I don't think you can change one without changing the other.


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