Thursday, June 18, 2009

~Back in the day when television was good~

So even though I have a few current tv addictions that im not proud of, overall the world of television sucks ass. A total lack of creativity, uniqueness and interesting ideas has taken over the air waves and it's just all bad. But man I was thinking about all the old shows I use to LOVE and I wish they would all come back with new episodes and wipe this irrelevant shit off my screen.

A Different World was the show that influenced me to go to a Historically Black college. This was my shit. And it was good all the way through. Shows now start sucking past the 3rd season. Like just everyone die already. But this show was hella funny. And I was sooo happy when Whitley and Duane got married ;-)

But there wouldn't have even been A Different World had it not been for the Cosby Show. This show set the bar for every other black family show...and no other show quite reached its status. I use to swear I was a part of this family. Why does Sandra look like an 1870's school marm?

Martiiin. Martiiin. This show was so grown and sexy and hillarious. I was only like 11 when it was on but it made me long to be in my 20's and out on my own in a relationship. Now that i'm 25... i wanna be eleven again watchin it on tv. Life isnt as funny as Martin. lol.

LOVE this show. Another 20sumthin singles show that made me wanna move to New York. Max was hillarious, Sinclaire was a dingbat, Regina was retarded and Khadija was sooo freakin gay. lol. I knew it before she knew it.

Melrose Place. Okay so the show was kinda over-dramatic and the one token black chick really got on my nerves, but i was addicted to this series. I had to sneak and watch it after 90210 cuz my dad wad like ummmm half naked white people all sexin each other up and then murdering each other?? Not gonna happen. lol. I watched it tho!!
Ahhhh Beverly Hills 90210. Such horrible acting but ohh the drama! I was like a 5th grader at the peak of this shows existence and it made me all giddy about being in high school. Unfortunately my high school looked more like Compton 90220. But wutever. I loved me some 90210. And not this new CW bullshit. I hate that they tried to remake a classic. Just leave it alone. And curse Kelly's life for appearing on it as a damn guidance ccounselor. And i wanted to kick her ass anyway for stealing Dylan from Brenda. Dirty triflin bitch. Okay wooo sah! Takin me back!

Saved By The Bell. One of the cheesiest shows ever but I was addicted. I wanted to be Lisa Turtle. lol. And i was happy as hell when Zack kissed her that one time. Cuz I was too mad that the only black girl on the show wasn't gettin no kinda play. And that's some bull anyway cuz anytime u have a cute black girl with money...she's gonna be runnin shit. Sorry Kelly & Jessie. And wtf was mentally wrong with Jessie anyway? Cuz that Showgirls movie....NOT a good look.
Dont ever do that again. Ever.


  1. -Different World was really good...idk for me it kind of fell of the later seasons.

    -Cosby show I triple Love, i still watch the reruns...always struck me as odd why Sandra and Denise were light as hell! I smell adoption!

    - Martin and Living Single I loved as well. Max was my favorite.

    - I LOVED!!!! MELROSE PLACE! I think that show taught me everything you need to know about sex.

    - BH 90210 I loved as well, not as much a Melrose though.

    - Saved by the bell was the ish. Period

  2. Jay I swear we were meant to be bff's

  3. LOL!! Right!

    Living Single is still my ish! LOVED that show.
    Of course Cosby and A Diff World. That girl from 90210? I know her from Charmed...that's more my era (4yrs later?)


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