Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday in a flash!

Well my little blogbunnies (lol, u like that?) another week has come and gone. It has been quite the odd bunch of 7 days and as always, i'm ecstatic about it being FRIDAY.

So let's start friday flashin...

* This past monday was the wierdest monday ever because I was happy! lol. Please dont expect to see that happen often cuz Mondays still royally suck ass.

* I need a bowling tutor before I ever pick up a bowling ball again. I suck more than Mondays.

* I swear the internet is the devil. Whoever invented it should be sent straight to hell.

* Oh and text messaging is the devil's evil step-sister. Put the damn phone down.

* I thoroughly believe people like to try me for the sheer pleasure of it. Like my buttons are so easy to push its like a game. lol. Thats okay tho cuz one of these days someone is gonna push a button and my fist is gonna respond way before my mouth does.

* Drag Me To Hell was scary as hell. Funny at times. Over dramatic & disgusting. But it scared me. Not that its hard to do so.

* Vivian Green's Emotional Rollercoaster has never been so relevant as it is this very second.

* My mommy is coming to visit me next week :-)

* Addiction is a very strong word. Do not throw it around lightly. It hurts. Oh and its rude.

* I want some Taco Bell. A Mexican Pizza and 2 crunchy taco supremes please.

* Will all of my dedication to school pay off in the long run or am I just making these white people more rich?

* The 20's are a hot mess of confusion, finding yourself, letting go, starting over and creating a path with your name on it. Even though youth is a beautiful thing, I can't wait to be 40 and over the bullshit.

* It's FRIDAY and while im far from 40 and unfortunately NOT over the bullshit, I don't need to dwell on it today so at 11:08 am i officially declare this FUCK IT FRIDAY! :)

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