Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday in a flash!

Damn this week flew! I was just complaining about it being Monday yesterday! And here it is yet another beautiful glorious wonderful FRIDAY =-) Yeahhhhhh. So before I get started, I dont know if I ever explained the concept of my Friday in a Flash posts. Typically they're comprised of numerous brief twitter-like updates of everything that went on during the week, random things that are on my mind and other nonsensical musings that I find relevant. It's like all of my potential blog topix clashed and bled into one uber post because I can't settle my mind enough to only talk about one thing. [it happens often] That's what Friday Flashin is. So sit back and enjoy this weeks version!

* Now everyone was complainin when it was overcast and a lil chilly outside, now it's hell in a handbasket out there and I have a problem with it. You know sugar and heat dont mix well.

* I had a twix yesterday and it was so damn good. Best cheap chocolate fix ever.

* I love that i've connected with all my favorite bloggers over at Twitter. Conversation is ridiculous! Yall should join in.

* I want some IHOP pancakes. Like right now.

* Lots of stupidity occurred this week. We've got to do better my people.

* Next to my IHOP pancakes I want some Taco Bell. I always want some damn TB. I swear they lace that ground beef with crack rocks.

* My mommy is comin tomorrow for a few days =-) We're suppose to be doin lunch w/my disappearing act of a brother, but i'll believe it when I see him.

*Schools over for the youngins!! Means the streets are about to become a hot bed of hormonal iniquity among other things.

* No one's in my office all day. PARTY!!! *ahem* No i'm responsible. No parties. I'm just leaving 2 hrs early ;-)

* I miss the L word. Seriously.

* Tina & Jess Get Skinny is some of the best motivation for my waist line this summer!

* Twix, Taco Bell & IHOP are not.

* I haven't had an almaretto sour in hella long. I use to drink those like water. Now i'm a thug = Southern Comfort straight up. lol.

* I need to start planning my GFDP (Grown Folks Dinner Party).

* I'm only taking one class this summer. YAYY! And it's kicking my ass. Boooooooooo.

* I miss my daddy. Gotta go see him in Vegas. Why my mom didnt bring him out with her idk.

* Twas a GOOD week!

* And it will be an even better weekend. ENJOY IT Y'ALL! Be safe =-)


  1. Woot woot! Shout out! :D

    Hey, whenever you wanna start the diet thing (get that TB and IHOP outta your system first LOL) -- lemme know! we can do it together! I still have a WAYS to go!

  2. It's a deal Tina. Mos definitely. These tacos & mexican pizzas are killin me.


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