Thursday, June 25, 2009

No Hair, Dont Care

Lots of women feel this way I guess. Cuz I see people doing the oddest shit to their hair. Why if u have two strands of hair around your edges, are u continuing to get micro-braids?? If your ends look like tumbleweeds, why do you refuse to buy a good conditioner? *sigh* Guess they truly believe in the I am not my hair mantra. I guess. No one said you had to be your hair (wut is that anyway?) but you don't have to be bald either.

Anywho, my hair is doin great these days. I've bunned it for the past 2 weeks. Tryin to keep it drenched with moisturizer/conditioner with low manipulation.
Still washing & conditioning once a week. Haven't blow dried or flat ironed in 2 weeks and my hair is in heaven rite now. It's really soft and shiny. Typically my scalp hates to have any product applied directly to it. But since i've been air drying and bunning, I've been applying ORS hair fertilizer and my doo grow thickening oil directly to my scalp nightly and i haven't had any problems with severe flakes or itching. It's a miracle i tell u. I ran out of my ORS hair fertilizer last week :( so I had to break out a sample packet of ORS Olive Oil Moisturizing lotion and i fell in love. I think i'll be buying a big size and adding it to my regimen on my up-do days only. It's very thick & creamy but sooo moisturizing, like my hair feels like butter right now. lol, wutever that feels like. I also used Cantu Shea Butter to seal the moisture in and the results are quite nice. Haven't had much shedding at all this week and that makes me happy! So yeah, I think its nice and protected enough now so I can wear it down this weekend for Pride [WOOOOO!] & all next week and have absolutely no problems with dry ends. Yay!


  1. My sis is on her "hair journey" (as she calls it) right now and has been bunning and doing protective styles. She's only 16 but decided that flat ironing everyday was a bad idea (no duh!).

  2. I'm newly natural and trying to find the right regiment. My hair is supa some days I look straight up krazy. lol


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