Monday, June 22, 2009


And stress is not my friend. Im being very non-productive (counter-productive??) today because I have too much shit on my mind. My upcoming school schedule is completely conflicting with my job schedule and I'm feeling really pressured to just make it all better but its not that easy. I gotta go to school and Mills is where I wanna be and who has given me lots of $$$. But i gotta keep my job because uh, i have bills. But being a full time student is not adventagious while holding a part time, day time job in an office that stays as busy as my job is. I dont know what to do. I really wanna quit all together and start my own business, internet based. Bt im too scary to risk not having an income for awhile to jump start it. Im just really frustrated & panicked right now. I need to ground myself quickly cuz thats the only way im gonna get anything sorted out....


  1. Well... how long will you be in school for?

    I did a full time job, and a full time evening school schedule -- not to mention the kids for about 1.5 years.

    If it's a year or less can you just stick it out? Or will you become Queen-zilla? LOL

  2. @Tina I wish I had a night school schedule. All of my classes that I need are early afternoon which really doesnt work well with my job. I gotta make a decision by august though. If i can find a night job that suits me, i'm gonna have to do that even tho i hate to leave my job :-( But im for damn sure not dropping outta school. I dnt kno. I just hate being stuck in limbo...

  3. I hear ya ma. If it weren't for stress, I wouldn't have any energy at all. ;)

    You'll find your way, don't worry.


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