Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday in a flash!

Im tempted to let this be a wordless Friday in a Flash cuz this pic is so powerful to me, I almost dont know what to say. On one hand, i'm thinking about how bad Pres. Obama needs a son. lol. *lookin at Michelle....* On the other hand, i'm liteweight about to cry because at one point, before Nov 4,2008, this picture would have never ever been possible. Well maybe you could catch a pic of a lil black boy touching a black man's head in the White House but they would probably be a father & son part of the staff, in the kitchen maybe, a groundskeeper?

But this man is the President of the United States. And this young man next to him finally has someone in the White House to look up to, relate to, and ask questions such as "Can I touch your hair to see if it feels like mine?"


Our country has not and will not change over night but Im sorry, if you don't understand the poignancy of this moment, something's wrong with you.

Let's see. Im goin bowling tonite. woo hoo! Im not that good at it but it's fun & my gf loves to go so i'm gonna go drink & make an ass of myself as I attempt to at least bowl a 3 digit #. Movie nite tomorrow- Drag Me To Hell & maybe sumthin else. I really wanna go to the club but y'all already know the deal with the club scene out here. *sigh*

I think that's about it. I'm just happy its FRIDAY!

Have a great weekend!!!

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