Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's a beautiful day so lets enjoy it!

Been goin through some things lately (if u couldnt tell) but I see the storm clouds slowly but surely lifitng. Everything wont go away i'm sure, but it's all in the way I handle it. Thank God for prayer, quality friends and moments of inner peace & clarity cuz I need all of them.

It's a BEAUTIFUL day outside and I plan on smiling as bright as this sunshine that's peeking through my window at work ;-) [me smiling at work?? GASP!!]

And tomorrow is FRIDAY heyyyyyyy!


  1. Is it PayDay Friday for you...because that is something to definitely smile about.

    God is good girl!

  2. Yay! Now I'm smiling because you are smiling... good vibes are more contagious than the swine flu... ;-)


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