Monday, June 8, 2009

Yall wont believe this

But i got an A in my astro class. lmfao. I dont even know how to act rite now. I truly feel like its all a cruel joke and tomorrow i'll go check again and the A will be gone. Because i cant understand how this could've possibly happened. But i'll take it!!! (and hope no one notices the drastic mistake)

My weekend was um...interesting. I never did quite bowl that 3 digit # I was striving for. lol. I suck so bad at it, but my game showed a slight improvement after my 2nd long island and a rum & coke :-) Im laying off the alcohol until pride. I think i can make it for 3 weeks sober. I had a lil mini meltdown friday nite because of some stuff im triping off of. Wasnt good. But I think i'm on top of it now, or at least trying. Sometimes it takes a melt down to completely cleanse yourself of everything thats heavy in your spirit, ya kno?

I woke up and prayed this morning. Haven't done that in far too long. I needed the reassurance and security that comes along with my talks with God. And I needed today to be a positive day. So far so good.

Oh and it's Monday but I'm actually in a good mood! The power of prayer, im tellin you...

I'm in a writing mood today. I think i'll pull up my book that i've invested 40sumthin pgs into and kinda pushed it away due to a severe case of writer's block. I really need to buy a laptop. Thinkin about getting a netbook actually, for those times when im out & about and i have random ideas. No writer should be without one in my opinion, and im a writer & i'm without one. Gotta change that. Money is just so funny these days (tryin to save for a car, gotta buy bks for this fall, need a summer wrdrobe,about to be reduced to part time, etc)...sigh. We'll see.

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