Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Beyonce Experience it seems like i'll never have...

You better strut bitch!

"Your wrist says bling bling my crotch says bling blow!"
Mrs. Carter officially kicked off her U.S tour at Madison Square Garden in New York yesterday and sadly...I was not in attendance. It's not only because she was all the way in NY. She'll be right here in Oakland on July 10 MY BIRTHDAY dammit! But I wont be there for that show either. Why? Because her tickets are like $98,497 a piece. Okay so they're more like 300.00 & sum change for the good seats but um...I dont have it :-( I am not a Beyonce stan. I dont foam at the mouth and spew green vomit when someone talks shit about her. Hell I personally think she's a little ditta-dee (slow) whenever she's not performing. But when ms lady takes the stage, the chick is on point. She goes hard for two hrs straight and never misses a beat. And I wanna take it all in LIVE. **sigh** Oh well. This will probably (hopefully??) be her last tour for a long while because maybe (hopefully??) she'll take like 4 yrs off and have a baby-Jay or a mini-Bey. So maybe i'm holding out for the best performance ever. Cuz I know after she takes a long vacay she'll come back fiercer and hungrier than ever. Sasha Fierce on E. Yeah, i'll definitely be at her comeback tour. By then i'll be a little less broke (hopefully??) and i'll be able to afford the price tag attached to her ass. Literally.


  1. I'm sorry...I told u I'd send u...U just don't wanna o by yaself...u don't wanna see her THAT much

  2. @Toni. Who wants to spend their bday with noone who loves them???!! :-(

  3. I've seen enough of Beyonce in concert for my lifetime. I could take it way back to '98, lol.


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