Monday, June 15, 2009

Oh i've got lots of shit to talk today

It's Monday [can i get a collective chorus of boos?] but i'm determined to be thankful for seeing yet another week.

My weekend was chill. Pretty much just laid around with the tloml (the love of my lyfe), went to the movies to see The Taking of Pelham 123. It was pretty damn good. I didn't expect any less from Denzel & John. Mr. Travolta made one hell of a bad guy. I liked it! I babysat my lil man Elijah for a few hrs & watched hours of mind-numbing tv. Which brings me to the next part of my post.

Is anyone else watching this show? I never even heard of it (i have sucky ass showtime) until my co-worker came in one day a few months ago ranting and raving about one of the episodes. I was like wtf is true blood? As soon as she told me it was a freaky vampire series on HBO my interest was most definitely peaked. I just watched the first 7 episodes over the weekend and um... Twilight it ain't. Twilight didn't deserve half of its hype in my book because any vampire movie/series that contains absolutely no blood sucks ass. But I guess i can understand why teenyboppers would love the pubescent movie. But these grown ass women runnin around in love with Edward and swooning over all things Twilight need to be punched in the left eye.

But True Blood is shaping up to be quite the entertaining series. And its for ADULTS which means there's blood and lots of sex. Started off a little slow. The first 2 eps left my gf and I like ummmm okay. But the deeper into it we're getting, the better it's becoming. I wont talk too much about it here cuz I dnt wanna spoil it for anyone. I just wanna know if any of you guys are watching it??

Wut else is on my mind? Oh yeah. These fools rite here.

Who didn't see this divorce coming? I coulda told him this was gonna be a hot ass mess the night of his honeymoon. I'll never understand why anyone would choose to participate in career suicide for the dumbest of reasons. Now dont get me wrong. Love is never the wrong reason for a life change. But obviously this wasn't true love. This was ooops i done went and knocked this bitch up and her family is from east oakland and i'm not about to come up missing so I guess i'll make an honest women outta her. Pffft. See how far that got him? Such a retard. And then he had the nerve to bash his fans for tryin to tell him the damn truth!? Whatever Ush. Hopefully your next album wont be good for only resting my liquor glasses on. Oh wait. I didn't buy it. Guess it's not even good enough for that....

And last but not least

I caught a serious attitude when this chick came out a yr or so ago and all I heard were Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie comparisons. I was like hell to the no. Dark hair, light eyes and semi-big lips does not automatically put you on Ms. Jolie's level. Sorry. So I immediately blocked that nonsense out of my peripheral. But after seeing some of the latest pictures of Megan, imma have to go ahead and re-evaluate her case. Now I still dont think she tops Angie. Hell Angie isn't even toppin herself these days. But um, Megan is steppin up her sexy. Give her a few more yrs and some acting classes and i mite have to throw her on my wcwcgi list. [white chicks who can get it]


  1. Awww shoot! We watch True Blood! Of course I was so damn busy this weekend I totally forgot about the premier.

    Gotta watch it tonite. Ummm HELLOOOO Megan Fox! Shit!

  2. @Tina at least u can watch season two! I gotta wait until that shit comes out on netflix. By then i would have forgotten all about what happened in season one. And yeah. Megan Fox is doin it.

  3. Ah, I've only watched the first kind of lost me a little. I guess it like you said, after episode two, I may can dig it.
    I was reading the books, but I kind of slacked on that too. Hm.

  4. @rawkii I really wanna read the bks. They didnt hold your attention either??

  5. true blood.
    i read one of the books (not knowing it was a series) and loved it. the sex scenes were great and i even enjoyed the slight gore of it.
    it started off a little slow, but i got into it.
    im def getting the rest from walmart, because they are cheap.

  6. I never really got into True Blood, saw the first episode..and then i stopped. I have heard that it definitely gets better.

    Usher is a DAN..(Dumb ass Nigga). I told that Bitch from the get leave that heifer..bitch didn't listen...His mom got into it...still didnt listen....2 kids he's like shit, i fucked up. SMDH

    and as far as Megan Fox. Bitch is fierce right now...really don;t like her tho....No one can top Santa Angelina in my eyes! I love her so much, you have no idea.

  7. @Lashawn Cheap is GOOD! Guess i'll be headin to walmart rite behind u.

    @Jay- lol. DAN is rite. Jus sad. And Megan is fly aw hell but she got a lil stankness on her that i'd like to dust off...


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