Monday, June 8, 2009

Fully obsessed...

with my hair. Yes I am. I can think of worse things to be obsessed over. I contemplated starting a hair blog but I already have 3 blogs and I only keep 2 of them regularly updated so I dont even know how dedicated I would be to an extra blog. But it would be about my hair though....idk. Maybe. I'll just post about it here and if u guys get tired of reading about it, go read sumthin else! :-)

So anyway this is really just for me to keep up on my own shit so i dont forget important stuff like when i last relaxed, when my last protein treatment was, etc. When i said my memory is slippin as if i smoke trees, i was not playin. Feel free to bypass all hair posts if you're not remotely interested, but if you're a hair diva, holla so we can talk.

Current Stats
Tex-laxed (relaxed but not bone straight. Keeps the bounce, body and thickness)
No color (altho i want a black rinse sooooo effin bad)
Length Check- As of 6/8/09 longest in the back- approx 3 inches from arm pit length, shortest layer- mid cheek
Short term length goal- Full apl by late fall/early winter 09.
Last relaxer- Mothers day (when was that? May 10th or sumthin. Told u my memory sucks)
Last trim- dusted my edges this past sunday
Last protein treatment- sunday
Next relaxer- mid august. I stretched my last relaxer for about 14 wks & it worked out great. Im gonna try to do the same thing this time around.
Relaxer used- Creme of nature Mild (loved it)
Relaxers i'll never use again- Organic Root Stimulator (my hair hated it. Shed like crazy) and Soft & Beautiful (no bounce, no sheen, it wasn't soft & it wasnt beautiful)
Long Hair Care Forum member?-All day everyday :-)
Hairlista- Yep!
KeepItSimpleSista- Best hair blog ever!


  1. Ok so what "treatment" were you talkin' about?

    I so need a trim.

    I tried that hair texturizer thing once. It's made for kids. Someone I know swears by it.

    I just wanted it to loosen my curls some... didn't do jackshit. LOL

    Since then I swore off chemicals.

    Though I'm ITCHIN' for highlights right now.

    I'm thinkin' about buying those clip in ones.

    Awww shoot, apparently I AM a hair diva! lol

  2. @ Tina- i wonder why the tex-lax didnt work. I meant it's just a regular relaxer but you dont leave it on as long as you would if u were trying to make the hair bone-straight. The chemicals should still work to relax the curl a little bit. Hmm...

  3. This is the stuff I used:

    It was supposed to not be harsh (which is what I want) -- it sure wasn't harsh. It didn't do anything at all.

    For the bargain basement price of $9. lol

  4. Girl take that stuff on somewhere. Just For Me barely works on kids hair, let alone grown ass women. lol. I think maybe a mild adult relaxer left on your hair for a few mins would work well for you. So you've completely sworn off chemicals??

  5. Yeah, I have. About 2 years ago I cut off 5 inches of dead, split, crappy mess because of a bad highlighting job my gay brother the colorist did. LOL

    This October I plan on cutting off another 4-5 inches b/c I tried that just for me thing and to get out what's left of that bad highlighting job.

    So yeah, no more damaging stuff for me. Which is why I'm considering those clip in highlights. :D


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