Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson has passed

I can't even write this right now im so in utter disbelief. I'll be back to finish this with a fitting tribute for such a legend...

8:24 pm
At home. Ive been watching the news since I got off work. Im a bit of a mess. Absolutely heartbroken. I havent processed this yet and im not sure when I will. I'm a true 80's baby. I'm that privileged. I grew up on Michael's music & his videos. I was around when EVERYONE respected and adored him because he's a musical genius. I witnessed a gift from God that will never ever happen again in my lifetime. Michael Jackson's legacy.

I fully believe that our harsh, judgmental, narcissistic, nosy, prying, cut throat society killed one of the greatest entertainers ever. If only we would have LET HIM LIVE...but no. Its our human nature to build up and then destroy...

One of my favorite songs off the Bad album-Liberian Girl

LOVE this song with all of my heart- Dirty Diana

Michael & Naomi, instant hotness- In The Closet

All kinds of great footage & the best collabo ever- Scream

Introducing the Moonwalk, 1983 (my birth yr) Motown 25 Special

BEST live performance ever. So many try to duplicate= massive fail.

I could go on and on. I love you Michael. Rest In Peace, you're in the hands of someone who loves you unconditionally.


  1. Chanel, the sadness I am feeling right surreal.

    Like How the hell could this happen?! You know someone is this great when the whole world comes together to mourn him. This is what if felt like when Princess Diana died.

    Worst Bday ever!

    RIP Michael!!

    also RIP Farrah!

  2. I also loved that he was such a shy person in general, but when he hit the was like a completely new person


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