Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This is some bullshit 4 real

As I was laying in my bed watching the 11:00 news last night, a story came on about a hair stylist in East Oakland who was assaulted (got her ass beat) in broad daylight inside of her own damn shop.

**blank stare & crickets**

What kinda ghetto crenshaw blvd menace 2 society type shit is this?! But check this though, it wasn't just no random let me walk up in someone's shop & fuck wit somebody type ordeal. This woman got jumped by 6 SIX 1 2 3 4 5 6 females! One of whom was a "friend" of hers! And they TAPED that shit....and put it on Youtube. Ridiculous. And ignorant. They never said what the beating was for but they played a small portion of the clip and damn. They pounced pounded and kicked that poor chile like she stole sumthin from them! Maybe she did. Sadly enough all of this was probably over a sorry ass man.


My thing is tho, hun u work in east oakland. Shouldnt you be behind a couple of locked gates with a pitbull in the back and a gun next to the marcell curling irons??


  1. What kinda sorry ass bitch needs to bring 5 bitches with her to beat up ONE woman.

    oo they're real tough -- 6 against 1.

    I hope that woman is ok. And comes back with 12 friends.

    And I hope them bitches were arrested and get convicted w/ their own video evidence.

    Dumb asses.

  2. RIGHT! You gotta bring 5 of your friends to beat up ONE chick? Really? Lame as hell. lol your right. Now i dnt support retaliation crimes but fuck it. I hope this woman gets 12 friends and 12 family members to roll up on these six sorry bitches like now what!

  3. I really want to know what provoked this!

    Damn, young black women don't really have a place that's safe to go to outside of their house the hair salon is like a "home away from home". Isn't that supposed to be a safe zone?

    --I don't know, you tell me, babe.

  4. @K you are so right. When im at the salon, I shouldnt have to worry about anything besides what side I want my part to be on. Like this is crazy.

  5. what she should've done is grab a hot comb! and burn those bitches! Go down with a fight!

    Do you have a link to the video? im curious

  6. Lol @ grab a hot comb. Rite I bet theyw ouldnt have had shit to say if she woulda swung that hot comb at their foreheads. I can see it now. I dnt have a link for the video but all u gotta do is google Oakland hairstylist assaulted in salon, and pages will come up.

  7. oooo chanel, i saw the video......SMDH!!

    It is one of those cases....where hunting those bitches down is a must!! and burn their asses while they sleep!!

    ALl over a Gdamn man!! Who is probably sitting with his boys laughin like jackasses!

    I dont know him, but bitch needs to get stabbed in his aorta!!

  8. lmfao @ jay. Told u that shit was ridiculous


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