Thursday, June 18, 2009

Twitteretiquette - get some

I'm fairly new to the beast that is Twitter. I follow a few people with over 7,000 updates. I'm only at like 300 & sumthin. It's a cool lil site though and some of my twitterkittens are absolutely hillarious and I thank yall for following me there on Twit and here on Blogger. But some of yall....lord some of yall need to get it together or yall gots ta go. You don't have to erase yourself from per se, but u gotta get the hell off my follow list. Let me explain to you why u may be expelled some time real soon-

  1. If I twit you at 9:27am my time and you dont feel the need to respond until 8:30pm my time, do not get mad if I dont know what the hell you're talking about anymore. My mind has moved on. U missed the small bit of attention I was paying you. Just let it go.

  2. If you twit me and I dont say shit back to u, it's for one of 2 reasons: 1, i'm not on cuz I do have other more important things to do or 2, I dont really understand wtf you are trying to say to me. If i repeatedly respond to u with nothin but ???? marks, it means u make no damn sense. Stop talking to me.

  3. If i'm one of 3 people you follow on Twitter, you probably require too much time from me that i'll never give you. Do not let all of your @'s have my name after it because that's a lil scary.

  4. If I take time out of my busy day to @ you and u never @ me back, but then one day I say sumthin hella funny and u just gotta get in on the convo...please spare yourself the humility cuz I will call u out for jumpin on bandwagons that you were NOT invited to.

  5. If all you do is post those irritating ass links to that ridiculous site that promises to give you 1000's of followers, delete yourself from my life today.

  6. If you retweet my updates and do not put my name at the end or in front of it, you're a damn plagiarizer and u have no creative thoughts and u should re-evaluate why you even have an account.

  7. If you ever see me having a convo with ToniInCharge, leave me alone cuz thats my gf & i'd rather talk to her :-) It rarely happens tho cuz she never updates :-(

  8. If I FollowFriday you, don't be an asshole your whole life. FollowFriday me back. Thanks.

  9. If you follow me, and I block you, it was for a good reason that I dont have to share with you but I will if you push me.

  10. If I follow you, its probably because 1, you follow my blogs or i follow your blogs , or 2, you have really funny/relevant/deep tweets. (RevRuns are the best!) If either of these 2 things are removed from the equation, the chances of me continuing to follow you is slim to none. Im sorry. Dont ask me why I stopped following you just know that you slipped up on something and should investigate yourself.

  11. If I go on twitter and see 883 updates from you in the am, and then I come back when i get off work and it's like u never left, you're addicted and u need twitterers-anonymous. You know who u are. Put yourself in isolation and come back next week.

Okay! So now that you've gained some twit-sense, go ahead and stalk me at :-)

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  1. Girl! I can't stand those follow whores. And the spam...please go back on myspace where no one cares.


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